1. cumber-tardis:

    Jesus take the wheel


    Whoa there Jesus

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  4. compoundchem:

    Picked up the first batch of chemistry spice labels this afternoon - they’re looking good! They’ll hopefully be up for sale this evening - numbers limited, but if they do well then I’ll get a second, larger batch made.

    I thought this was some weird-ass version of twister at first

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  5. masqverades:

    do you ever get so disgusted with yourself, like you can not believe how stupid and thoughtless you are and it’s so frustrating because you keep telling yourself that you’ll do better next time but then next time rolls around and the same thing keeps happening and you end up in this pattern of mediocrity. 

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  6. lill-ac:

    maybe if you came and fell asleep next to me I wouldn’t be so sad

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  8. toxicnebulae:

    *applies mascara to leg hair* yes, much more definition and volume

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  10. I love how behind every single window, there is a different person who has a story that we know nothing about and I sometimes forget that my life isn’t the only life in the world

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  11. fuck-benedict-cumberbatch:


    This Is How Koalas Run

    thank you

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  13. datsenseofhumor:




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  14. rosethouartsick:

    Finally, eyeshadow for people who aren’t sissy girly babies who pee in their diapers.

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  15. In the delivery room


    mother: is it a boy or a girl?

    doctor: *puts baby between teeth* it’s a metaphor

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